Blog #5

As I continue learning about Journalism and all the areas of it, I recently attempted my first live tweeting experience. I chose live tweeting over Facebook live, because I feel like I would have been awkward recording myself. I feel like tweeting is more of an updating thing as people keep checking to see if something has changed versus Facebook Live is more of a constant feed.

For my live tweeting event, I went to Tucson’s Earth Day parade on April 22. As I walked around downtown Tucson for the event, I visited the different booths and learned about the information they had to offer. The first few tweets were rough. I began by updating my followers about what I saw, but the tweets were very simple. I thought it would be a good idea to use photos to help give readers a better idea of what was happening at the event. As the event continued on, I started getting more comfortable with writing about the event, and I think my tweets reflected that. They had more enthusiasm and exciting tone to them. When I was walking around the event, and talking to people at their booths. The people began telling me more about the products and business they worked for and supported. I had a rough time being able to tweet that information as I can only use 140 words, so I found myself using a smaller amount of words and using photos to complete the ideas I was discussing. I also found that using the same hashtag with every tweet brought back the same audience. As my first “live tweeting” experience wasn’t the best, I think it’s an important skill for a journalist to have. I want to be more confident in using this tool. Whether the tweeting is for a live event like this parade, or a breaking news story people depend on quick and fast news that is easily accessible to them.


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