Blog #4

For the past year and a half, the app called Boomerang has helped fill our Instagram feeds with quick repeating videos. Before Boomerang was the big use on social media the app Phhhoto was popular. I began using Phhhoto about six months before Boomerang was released and became a huge fan of the app. Although Phhhoto shows similarities to Boomerang, allowing users to make a quick moving image of whatever action they wish to capture, the way it is published makes it unique. Phhhoto is its own social media site allowing for a feed and profile on the app. Unlike Boomerang which gives users the ability to record their material and then later uploading it to Instagram or another site of their choice.


I have tested out both app, and found Phhhoto to be a more interactive app. The app was updated daily with a new filter allowing for people to be creative with their posts. From basic black and white to colorful sparkle filled designs the app gave options to all. This increase my use within the app as I was always eager to see the daily updates. Another fun feature that is given in this app is the ability to make group chats. Much like Snapchat, Phhhoto let users share their posts in groups allowing for more interaction. Over the past few months I have noticed the use of this app has died down a lot. I myself have found that I have not been using the app as often as I used to. Recently, I’ve been getting lots of notifications from the app, pushing their new updates. I believe with society’s use of Boomerang, it has cut Phhhoto’s business and they are pushing to get back the users they may have lost over the past year. Persoanlly, I am not a fan of Boomerang as it doesn’t have much to offer beside the the video making, but I am always interested in seeing how creative people become with posts using the app. I think its important to test out new applications and compare them to others I have to help me decide which app works better for myself. Although I don’t post much instant video media anymore, if continued to I would still be using Phhhoto’s services.


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