Blog #3


Over the past few months Facebook has developed new features to get users more active. One of these features is the 360 videos, within this user are able to record video that allows the viewers to see what is fully around the user. Personally, I think the concept of this is very interesting. I have seen this used in multiple ways to showcase sports teams, historical landscapes, and has also been used as a news outlet to those who can’t physically be there to see whatever is being filmed. With where I have seen usage, these videos have been beneficial to those who produce them.

One video that I really enjoyed was when the UA Alum Facebook group did a 360 video of Mckale center during a basketball game. It featured the intro before the game starts when the lights are going off and the team is being introduced. It features the crowd cheering and includes the student section. Viewers are able to see the exciting atmosphere that UA’s basketball team brings to the school. Another example of the 360 videos that I enjoyed were the ones published by ABC News Tour of Times Square. The video shows New York City during the blizzard. This video received over 18.3 million views and got great feedback. Viewers were able to react and comment on the different parts of the video.

Facebook has taken this new application and made it easier than ever for user to have. Recently it was announced that a 360 app for Samsung Gear VR would be released. The Samsung device is a head set that allow you to attach your phone and play/ record video of your surroundings. I think this is strategic as it will allow Facebook to connect with more people and gain interest for the application. With the progress in making this application more assessable it has the potential to bring it many more new users.



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