Final Proposal

For my final project, I want to focus on the Food Desert in South Tucson. In Tucson, portions of the city are in far distance from grocery stores and resources to get fresh produce have become increasingly difficult. These communities tend to have a lower income rate adding on to the issue of being in a food desert. This has become a larger issue over the past five years, “According to a recent U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS), the Tucson metro area ranks as the sixth-poorest Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in the nation with an overall poverty rate of 20.4%.” As this problem has become a bigger issue, the Tucson community has come together working to find solutions for families in these situations. My story is going to be about the effects on families who are living in this food desert, and the programs that benefit them. My goal is to talk to Daquin Tong. She is a professor at UA, and studies the Geography of Food. Tong has done many studies covering the topic of Arizona’s food deserts. She also teaches a variety of classes on the topic as well. I want to get in contact with different programs like, Market on the Move, the Seed Library and community gardens. The company Market on the Move, is run out of Phoenix and Tucson. With the donation of $10 people can get up to 60 pounds of fresh produce. Pima County also has a program called the Seed Library. The Seed Library allows for people to use seeds as create a garden at home. I want to be able to hear from the families, and how they got involved in using these programs. I would also like to hear the point of view of how these programs were started and how they’ve expanded in the Tucson communities over the years. I’m also hoping to find another professor at UA to speak with to get more than one perspective. I think this will be interesting because its not something many usually think about. Most of us are fortunate enough to not be put in situations like this, and hearing these stories can bring attention to this issue.


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