Blog #1 -Facebook Live

While Digital Media is constantly changing with advances in technology many social media sites have been changing their features to keep interest with their users. Facebook is one of the many social media sites with these changes. Facebook has many feature on their site that allow users to be creative with their posts. One of Facebook’s new additions is called “Facebook Live.” This allows users to live post and have viewers interact as it’s being filmed. Viewers can comment and reacted to the video. This can help promote businesses and help get interest out of specific topics. After seeing many different social media sites use this I personally like Facebook’s live video the best. It also saves the video after allowing for people to view after the “live video” has ended.

My favorite group of live videos, are the ones posted on the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Facebook page. These videos showcase special aquatic animals that are not easily accessible for all visitors to see. This also a way for people to view these attractions. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a large tourist attraction. This gives people a different way of seeing these animals if they don’t have the ability to travel. In the video selected, the aquarium has the Jellyfish exhibit as the focus of the video. It shows their movement patterns and allows for viewers to get a better visual understanding of this specific type of jellyfish. After watching the live video, there is a connected link that gives details on the topic being shown. For the jellyfish one, it gives facts on there about their living environment and eating habits. These videos are a great step for interactive media, and with the continuation of these features Facebook will continue to keep users interested in their social media site.











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